Friday, March 30, 2018


When you think about it...the truth is, in this life, you don't really get many chances to build a snowman.

If you do get a really big snow, it's often too cold to go outside for any stretch of time...and when it's that cold, the snow is so dry, it won't stick together long enough to make a decent snowball -- much less build an actual SNOWMAN.

Which is why I can remember every snowman I ever built....and there have only been five of them.

It's also why,  when we had our recent Spring Blizzard -- it became MY MISSION to get Lilly and Warren outside to build a snowman.

After some initial snow angels...I bundled myself up to do a snowball-rolling demo...
It was still snowing...but the temp was right around 34 degrees...PERFECT..!!
I worked on the base of the snowman, as Lilly was rolling the middle part.
Of course, the final stage is the ACCESSORIZING.
Pink cowboy hat, fleece scarf, zebra apron. PERFECT.!!

Before we got done, the kids went through every pair of gloves I could find...Warren even wore pink mittens (with NO COMPLAINTS)...

Lilly is 9 years old, and this is her second snowman. Warren is five -- and this was his first.

Number 6 for Grandma Rita...

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