Monday, March 12, 2018

The Greatest Showman

So, here's what happened. After I saw Keala's Oscar show performance -- I REALIZED I HAD MADE A BIG MISTAKE by NOT going to see The Greatest Showman.

When I looked to see if it was still playing in our local theater, I discovered that Wednesday, March 7, was the last day it would be here. Ugh. So, with the excuse of it being Lilly's "birthday week" -- I told her we were going on an "adventure". I picked her up from school an hour early, and we went to the theater.

Our Cinemas have those "Loungers" now -- and they are so comfortable. Wow. We got a big box of buttered popcorn, put our feet up and settled in...

WE BOTH LOVED IT. At one point, Lilly leaned over and said, "this is a really great movie, isn't it, Grandma?"

It sure is, sure is....

THIS IS THE WAY the song looks in the movie. I'm posting this sing-a-long version, with the costumes and cast from the movie...because it is AWESOME.

After the movie, we met Uncle Ross and John for supper.  We talked about how tough it is to be different...if you're too short, or too fat, or have too much hair, or too little...and, how, really -- everybody has something they don't like about themselves, or wish they could change...but, maybe you've just gotta wake up one day and say...

This is me.

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