Monday, March 19, 2018

St. Patrick's Day 2017

On Saturday, St. Patrick's Day 2018 -- I went back to look at my pictures from last year.

On St. Patrick's Day 2017, I was in NEW YORK CITY with Lilly. Of course you heard all about that trip at the time...(for weeks, probably)...but I cannot believe we did EVERYTHING WE DID in just three days in that beautiful, grand dame City.

Gheesh...I love, love, love New York City.

Because we were going to be there on St. Patrick's Day (a complete accident) -- I made sure we had the proper attire...
Lilly, with her St. Pat outfit.
Sad to say, this is the only picture I have of MY GREAT's me, Lilly, my sister Deb, her granddaughter Lexi and DIL Stacy. This trip was Deb's gift to Lexi for HS graduation.
We started off the day at the wonderful Westway Diner.
Their breakfast was cheaper than our local joints!!
Then -- it was DOWN BROADWAY (to avoid the 5 St. Patrick's Day parades that were happening uptown)...First stop? MOOD FABRICS, OF COURSE...
Lilly loved meeting Swatch in person.
Deb is in her glory in a fabric store.
At Macy's, of course!! The flagship store -- and star of Miracle on 34th Street. (we watched a lot of  NYC movies before the trip)
Then, another subway ride (Lilly LOVED the subway!)
Really -- neither one of us could stop smiling...
Our ride on the Staten Island Ferry will be a memory we both treasure...
Then, another subway ride.
I wanted Lilly to see the inside of Grand Central Terminal. 
Then, a little rest from the wet and one of my favorite hotel lobbies..
Yep.  The Hotel Edison!
HEY -- we might as well END our perfect day where it started!!  BACK TO THE WESTWAY for a late dessert.
AND I AM SO EXCITED to be going BACK TO NEW YORK CITY next month. My sister Deena is taking her granddaughter Maddie...and I get to be their official tour guide!!

We will be staying at the Hotel Edison...and -- we have tickets to see the new Broadway show, Come From Away..!!

YES, I KNOW WHAT A LUCKY GIRL I AM...sooooo lucky!!

The human embodiment of a Four Leaf Clover....!!  I LOVE IT...

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  1. Fun! Come From Away will be here this fall on tour. We have tickets for Dear Evan Hanson and Frozen the Musical. We may see what's at the Tix counter when we get there and add a third show.