Thursday, March 15, 2018

Virgil Grissom Cake Walk

FIVE. The number of cakes we took down to Virgil Grissom for their fund-raiser was FIVE...

Three small round cakes, one United States of America cake, and one Rocketship cake. We had to make cardboards, and cover them with foil...

(it only occurred to me after two hours of effort that it would have been MUCH EASIER TO GIVE THEM A PLASTIC PLATE OR PLATTER -- which I have many of -- and would never miss!!)
With every cake, Lilly gained a little more confidence...
She's getting pretty good with that star-tip
I made two more batches of buttercream frosting...
After he added half a jar of sprinkles -- Warren was delighted with his Rocketship
Lilly used licorice candy...
We had to make TWO trips to the school to deliver the cakes. John and Lilly took the two big, decorated cakes down first. Then, I followed with the three small cakes. 

As it turns out, this cake walk is a very big deal.  They had 116 cakes.  But -- guess what??  About 100 of them were in the original HyVee Grocery Store packaging. 


Warren was delighted to be able to walk during the Cake Walk.  He was one of the first kids to win -- and OF COURSE, HE TOOK BACK HIS ROCKETSHIP CAKE..!!
Before the event started, I took a picture of the kids with their principal, Mr. Kline.

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