Wednesday, March 7, 2018

MMWI: Why I don't Do it anymore...

Dear Rita-is-losing-weight-fan club,

THANKS for asking why I quit posting my Monday Morning Weigh In number...

At first, it was just that I forgot to do it. Weigh myself, that is. So, then, it would be Wednesday or Thursday before I thought about getting on the scale -- so a MMWI didn't make any sense.

Then, I realized, IT DOESN'T MATTER. It never has. The number, I mean.

If you know me, you know I have never cared what that number was....

When I originally went to Fat Camp (in 2016), it was because I had become so sedentary, I was afraid if I didn't blow myself out of my Lazyboy, I'd spend the rest of my life sitting in that chair. 

Because I weighed over 300 pounds, my choices were limited. I wanted to take Lilly to New York City, but her parents were afraid I'd keel over from a heart attack. AND WHO COULD BLAME THEM??

A year later, when I went back to Fat Camp, I had lost about 80 pounds...but I no longer thought of what I was doing as a "diet"...or even a "change in lifestyle"...

Because my choices are NO LONGER limited. (and, as you know, Lilly and I had a GREAT TRIP to New York City!)

I'm living a WAY different life today. And I am grateful. I eat breakfast every morning, I go to the pool five or six times a week, and I am aware of what a "normal" portion of food looks like.

But, make no mistake -- I try to NEVER HAVE THIS CONVERSATION with anybody. I still believe it is the most BORING THING IN THE WORLD TO TALK ABOUT. Who gives a shit about what I'm eating or how often I go to the pool?

There is no magic bullet. The way to lose weight is to eat less and move more.

So, that's what I'm doing. Most of the time. But it does get discouraging when I think I've done all the right things, and the number stays the same for weeks. Apparently, I decided to continue doing the right things, but stop getting on the scale. My friend Nancy (who has also lost a lot of weight) told me her body sometimes needs to plateau.(a state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress.)

That felt right to me. I can enjoy a plateau...

So, yes -- I am still keeping on keeping on. But it isn't a daily struggle -- or a battle in any sense of the word. The last time I got on the scale, it said 215 -- which is the lowest I've been since that day in 1978.

And, yes, I feel wonderful.  I have great energy, and I'm looking forward to the summer, and some traveling, and LOTS OF ACTIVITIES....and I'm wearing clothes that I NEVER though I'd get into. This pair of Ralph Lauren jeans is a SIZE 18..!!

But, I guess I'm done with the MMWI.

I do NOT WANT THE ACTUAL number to be such a big deal. I don't want it to matter.


  1. I'm beyond impressed with your drive and hard work to lose weight! I hadn't noticed that you'd dropped the MMWI which was previously in your blog - you provided so many other interesting things to read about. And congratulations to you for each and every pound you've lost and will continue to lose. I've been on a weight-loss journey myself for some time, too, and you have provided inspiration to me.

    1. you are very kind, KathyBB...and I love the idea of a "weight-loss journey"....!

  2. I just noticed maybe two weeks ago that you hadn't posted MMWI. So I really don't know when you quit posting. I think you look awesome!

    1. Of course, YOU WERE SO BUSY WITH EXPO (being in the room where it happens) -- I'm shocked you even had time to read my blog, Laura!! I follow the show on your Facebook page WELL DONE..!!!

  3. I as well hadn’t noticed the lack of posts o MMWI. I just accepted that you had made a life style change and congratulate you on all you do and love reading about all your adventures.

    1. Ahhhh..thanks for the comment, Jackie. And for NOT MISSING the are the BEST...