Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Country Gourmet Options

One of the more unpleasant aspects of an Iowa winter is that all the smart people GO SOUTH.

So, 50% of the TMBC was MIA in February.  (the two Lindas).

Sandy and I were left to carry on in the frozen tundra. The Lindas were either on a cruise in the Carribbean or enjoying sunny California  (I tried not to pay too much attention).

So, we got together every week -- and on this particular Tuesday -- we went OUT TO THE COUNTRY...
It was Sandy's first visit to Argo --which is in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.
The breakfast prices are very reasonable.  At night, this joint becomes a bar, with lots of card clubs and Nascar-watching events.
The large windows insure a nice view of the surrounding farms and barns.
Just like home -- the mugs come straight from the Goodwill store (every one is different)
The BEST FRIED POTATOES west of the Mississippi!! Crisp, yet buttery and soft in the middle...they almost puff up, and they are BEYOND DELICIOUS.
As we were leaving, I noticed the bulletin board.
Apparently, the "Nut Fry" is a VERY POPULAR EVENT at Argo. I happened to be driving by Sunday afternoon, and there were at least 60 cars parked UP AND DOWN the four corners of this country intersection.  HOLY COW!!  WHO KNEW??

The Nut Fry (aka Rocky Mountain Oysters; aka pig testicles) works like this.  As the local farmers castrate their livestock, they store the testicles in their freezers. When the collection is big enough, they donate them to Argo Corners.

Everybody in the community is welcome, and the reason for ALL THOSE CARS is that the "Nut Fry" is FREE.  (They are deep fried.)


FYI:  Don't worry...it's not a non-profit venture....apparently, they make their money on the massive beer sales...


  1. Well......guess they need something for amusement in the middle of nowhere in the middle of Iowa in the middle of winter...... :-P

  2. I've cooked & eaten many ROCKY MT. OYSTERS.....only they were beef testicles.....who knew! We only raised pigs for the bacon & ham....lol We raised BEEF.....waste not want not.....:D