Friday, March 2, 2018

Plan B: Steak and Shake Lesson

We waited in the small lobby for about 20 minutes before they called our name.

When we got a table, the kids did the usual Steak and Shake crafty stuff....

They colored their hats, put together the model car, did the word search, and other word games.

We played Bananagrams.

We were watching the traffic on Elmore, just outside the window, when there was an accident...firetrucks, police cars...
.it was like watching an outdoor winter theater...lots of flashing lights and emergency vehicles.

The kids were totally entertained, and I was not bothered by the slow service...they were VERY busy...
However -- our waitress was THE WORST.

She spilled my coffee all over Warren’s placemat/car/activities...and didn’t bother to apologize. It was so wet,  he couldn't even Lilly had to go up to the desk to ask for another set. (I was just happy the hot coffee didn't splash on Warren.)

After a very long wait -- when she finally brought our food, the fries were cold, and Lilly got mini-corndogs instead of the cheeseburger sliders she ordered.
Always trying to look on the bright side, Lilly and Warren liked the mini-corn dogs, and it is easier for me to resist eating cold french fries..
The waitress went back to get Lilly's mini-cheesburgers....but, instead of that -- she brought a regular cheeseburger.   When the waitress rolled her eyes, Lilly said she'd keep the cheeseburger.  (I complimented her on being so flexible...and they were VERY busy).

Even though I asked twice, the waitress never refilled my coffee. (I've probably had too much caffeine anyway)...and she never did bring Warren's ranch dressing...

Honestly -- I was not even a little annoyed by any of this.  I was just happy to be in a warm, safe place with the kids.  But, then, the kids were waiting and waiting for their small shakes....we'd been done eating for a long time. Lilly ordered a Nutella shake, and Warren got his usual Birthday sprinkle shake. Guess what?  When the waitress finally brought our shakes to the table...
She brought the wrong shakes -- one of them was the LARGE size...

Really?  I was starting to feel like I was on an episode of Candid Camera...

But -- HEY -- the kids were both very entertained by what might go wrong next -- and there was that big accident, with lots of flashing emergency vehicles.

However -- Lilly DID want her small Nutella shake, so I had to ask our waitress ONCE AGAIN -- to correct another mistake.

When the waitress smacked the bill down on our table, she said, "the manager didn't charge you for the ice cream."  I had never complained to the manager, so I was surprised.

We sat there for over 2 hours, and I couldn’t have been happier.  Every exchange I had with the waitress was polite and calm. (even tho she was surly, and acted like all these issues were OUR fault).

We were getting ready to leave (3:30 now). Because the manager had deducted the ice cream, our bill was only $9.48.

I asked the kids what we should leave for a tip? Lilly said, “Nothing, because she was a really bad waitress, and she was almost rude to us, Grandma.”

I said, “that’s true. And she’s probably not expecting a tip from us. But maybe there's another way for us to look at this.  Maybe our waitress is having a really bad day.... Maybe she just found out her baby is sick, or she can't pay her rent, or her car broke down.  We certainly could decide to not give her a tip -- which would only add to her already-really-horrible-terrible-bad day.  Or, we could leave a big tip.  Which would be an unexpected surprise, because it just might be the BEST thing that happens to her today.”

We left $5.

By the time we got back in the car, it was 40 degrees...


  1. I'm very impressed with how you and your grandkids handled your lunch and service. And yes, what a wonderful ending (and life lesson for Lily and Warren) you all chose by leaving a generous tip!

  2. Dear Kathy, every other Grandma out there, sometimes I get it right...and, since it's MY blog, I don't have to write about all the times I get it wrong...