Saturday, March 31, 2018

Kids and Sewing

When Warren was a baby, his comfort item was a flannel blanket made by my sister Ronda. You know how it goes -- one blanket becomes the kid's favorite, and he won't go down for a nap until you find the darn thing.
My favorite picture of this precious boy...with his best B....

Years ago, I saw what was happening -- and I made him several NEW flannel blankets. He didn't like them, of course. So then I started buying flannel blankets at thrift stores...and THOSE HE WENT FOR. Pretty soon, he had a huge collection -- with dozens of acceptable "B"s...

In this picture, he is sick -- but surrounded and comforted by a pile of flannel blankets...

Fast forward. Warren is five now.  Although he doesn't carry a blanket with him everywhere he goes nowadays -- he still does like to have a B with him when he takes his nap or goes to bed.  Last week, he asked me if I could "fix his B"...the edges were all tattered...and I asked him if he'd like to fix it himself? This kid LOVES A JOB...
(He's also learning how to dress himself.)
We took his tattered B down to my sewing machine.
I put him on my lap...and my foot is on the pedal...
But, he is going to control the B going through the machine.
The Clover clips are a lot easier than pins..and he was sooo serious
Frank follows this kid wherever he goes!
And the newly mended B passed the sniff test!!

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