Thursday, March 22, 2018

Lilly's ACTUAL Golden Birthday!

Lilly's ACTUAL Golden birthday was on Friday. She was 9 years old on March 9th. Since I always pick Warren up from pre-school on Friday (at 11:00) -- he was an eager, willing participant in Lilly's birthday celebration.

The first order of business, of course, was to BAKE THE CAKE.!!
He was delighted to help do that!!
Warren's favorite version of anything involves a lot of SPRINKLES.
But his favorite thing in the world to do is to WRAP PACKAGES. He is an expert with scotch tape...and, of course, I had 9 gifts for him to wrap...!!  So he went through a LOT OF TAPE...
Although Warren and I made a special trip into town to buy GOLD FOIL wrapping paper, it's the wrong time of we couldn't find any. But, I have a big stash of wrapping paper, so we went home and Warren picked out this bright blue Happy Birthday paper. (as long as it wasn't Christmas, I decided to call it good...)
I watched him wrap gifts all day long...but I never really took a good look at the paper...
BUT THE MINUTE LILLY SAW HER FIRST GIFT, she squealed with delight!! "Where did you find Happy Hanukkah paper, Grandma?"
Lilly acted like I'd done something deliberate and wonderful...

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