Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Lilly's Golden Birthday Report

For the record, when I was a kid I never even heard the term "Golden Birthday". But Lilly thinks it's a big deal -- and I CAN DO BIG DEALS...noooo problem.

Even though her birthday was on Friday -- we started celebrating on WEDNESDAY. Because I wanted to take her to see the movie, The Greatest Showman...

I picked her up from school....
I had the perfect car snack. A Golden Treat...a swirled caramel ice cream bar.
Yep! Great start!
Lilly didn't know where we were going...until I pulled into the parking lot of the theater.
NOW she knows what we're doing!!
We both LOVED THE GREATEST SHOWMAN!! I can't imagine a better movie to see with your 9-year old granddaughter...there were so many good messages....about fitting in,  making friends,  being a good friend, treating people with respect...

After the movie, John and Ross met us at the Texas Roadhouse.  They ALWAYS HAVE A LINE...but, since the theater shares the same parking lot -- I thought it was worth a shot for this special occasion.
John HATES standing in line...but it moved pretty fast...
Having an Uncle Ross sighting is always a nice surprise -- and he wanted to be part of Lilly's Golden Birthday.
What we have here, people, is a WONDERFUL START to a Golden Birthday celebration!!

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  1. This was just the start? WOW! Happy belated golden birthday, Lilly!