Friday, March 23, 2018

Lilly's Golden Birthday MEAL...

After Lilly opened most of her gifts, it was time for her special birthday meal. As I was busy cooking, Lilly set the table.  She likes to pick out the napkins, and she picked a special plate for everybody.

Then -- the most wonderful thing happened.  Without me saying a word to her, Lilly went to the silverware box that sits in a place of honor in my kitchen...and she set the table with Aunt Rozella's Silver...!!
Spring Glory by International Silver...
The menu has been the same for three years now...and I'm pretty sure this is what Lilly will always want to eat on her birthday.  That's right, folks!!   PORTERHOUSE STEAK...!!
Yes, that's a gold sequins hat she's wearing on top of the giant smile!!
This girl KILLED that steak..!!
And I'm telling you -- there's a lot to be said for a family tradition!!

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