Monday, September 19, 2016

Smart Phone Update:

I wrote this blog post on August 19, 2014.  I was determined....but when  gave up my smartphone, my friends were not convinced.  They were taking bets.  BUT IT'S BEEN TWO YEARS now -- and I have to tell you -- I don't miss it.  Not even a little bit.


The other day, I left home without my cell phone. It was a 15 minute drive back to my house. But, with no hesitation at all -- I turned my car around. I could not bear the thought of NOT having my phone with me for even a few hours. (Even though I did not make or receive a single phone call that day)....

That night, I realized what a hypocrite I've become. I am quick to criticize the young parents I see EVERYWHERE I GO -- who are on their phones while their children are playing in the park, taking a dance class, eating at McDonald's, or going to a play. There is absolutely no conversation between the parent and the child...because the parent is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, glued to their cellphone...if there is any interaction at all -- it is the parent, showing the child a video or a game on their cellphone.

I am constantly asking, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? They are so addicted to their stupid cellphones, they'd rather play a pointless game or view random pictures on Facebook posted by people they don't even know than spend actual time with their own child?"

And don't even talk to me about smart phones in restaurants!! Read this article to see how really obnoxious we have become...

I've had a smart phone for a long time. I've gone through two Blackberrys, a Samsung and two Motorolas. I get email on my phone, read the New York Times, get Joann Fabric coupons, use it as a flashlight, check in with the airline, make restaurant reservations, look up movie times -- and every Saturday, I use the navigation to find garage sales. I adore Google Maps....and, of course I check Facebook whenever I am in a stall in a public restroom...(c'mon, be honest -- YOU DO, TOO!)

Oh, yeah...I love it, love it, love it.

But I've decided the cost outweighs the benefit. It's not about the money (altho it has gotten VERY expensive). It's about the behavior. The addiction. The fact that I couldn't be away from it for two hours....and I cannot remember what I used to do in the Lady's Room PSP -- (Pre Smart Phone) ....The fact that I find myself posting nonsense on my Facebook page...telling my "friends" where I'm at or what I'm dong. LIKE THEY GIVE A SHIT!! Of course, the reality is that I have never met most of my Facebook "friends".   Well -- I could go on and on about this.

So here's where I'm at. I have decided to STOP TAKING PICTURES of food -- and get back to EATING WHILE IT'S HOT. I'm going to focus on REAL conversations with REAL people I actually know and like.

Life is about change...and I'm FINE WITH THAT. But that means -- every now and then, a person must consider the pros and cons of their own behavior and do an honest reassessment.

After doing that, I had to admit I am addicted to my smart phone. And it is getting in the way of my ACTUAL life. I am going to reject that behavior, and move back into the in the MOMENT... I'm giving up 24 hour access to my Facebook friends (again, people I have actually NEVER met) posting pictures of their perfect pretend lives. I'm also going to limit the time I spend on Pinterest -- looking at pictures of food people never actually cook, books they don't actually read and 10,000 pallet project ideas nobody is ever going to make...

Obviously, smart phones are here to stay, and I can't change other people. But I am old enough to remember what a REAL LIFE feels like -- and I know what this smart phone addiction is costing me.

The sad thing is that our children -- today's young parents -- don't know what they're missing...

And their children?? Our grandchildren?

They never had a chance...

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