Saturday, September 24, 2016

Library and Grandma Camp

I got an email from my library the other day telling me I had 15 things checked out. Wow. In the old days, I used to limit myself to 3 at a time. That was a good was easy for me to keep track of 3 things...what happened to that simple rule??

OH -- that's right -- GRANDCHILDREN. Of the 15 things, there are 6 CD books for me, two regular books (also for me), four picture books for Warren, a CD book for Lilly and two DVD movies that we all might enjoy when they spend the night.

(Some summer movie favorites: Fly Away Home; the Karate Kid; the Goonies; Pan; We Bought a Zoo; Dolphin Tale; Zathura; Because of Winn-Dixie)

In the interest of fairness -- I use all the branches of the Scott County Library system. I AM THEIR BIGGEST FAN. I have always loved to read, and I have developed some excellent reading habits which I want to pass on to my grandchildren. I consider it a gift I am giving them -- a love and comfort with books and libraries and the people who work there. When we stop into the little Princeton Library branch -- dear Dawn says, "Hello, Lilly!"...or "How are you today, Warren?"

This year, my library card became a powerful partner for Grandma Camp!!
Of course, we went to the library every week, and did the normal things people do at libraries...
And we also checked out a lot of CD books, Lilly enjoys anything with a DOG in it!!
But -- this summer -- my library launched a new program. Teaming with some local venues, I could "check-out" a laminated pass (on a lanyard) that was good for FREE admission to the Putnam Museum, the Figge Art Museum, the Botanical Center and Niabi Zoo. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

Our first outing was to the Figge Art Museum.
Warren does EVERYTHING Lilly does.
There was a special Wizard of Oz exhibit this summer.
This is Lilly, using our special Library Pass to go to the Botanical Center...
One of our BEST days of the summer was our trip to Niabi Zoo.
The pass was good for two adults and four children. (that's a $45 value)

It was a GREAT day!!
Sitting in the butterfly chairs, Lilly said, "I'm flying."  Warren said, "you are not flying, Lilly." And she replied, "it's called using your imagination, buddy..."
It was sooo hot that day...but we did not miss a thing.  Lilly loves animals so much, we had to meet every single resident.
And Warren was just happy to be with Lilly ...

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