Monday, September 26, 2016

My Reading Recommendation

Of course, technology has taken my enjoyment of books to a whole new level -- and I love, love, love listening to books when I'm driving my car. And, since I live in the middle of a corn field -- THERE IS A LOT OF DRIVING...and I learn something new with every mile.

Also, I always have a book going when I'm sewing and/or doing laundry (these two activities always seem to be happening at the same time.)

Last week, I listened to both of these books. And I wanted to recommend them to my friend Gail Yellen. So THIS IS ME DOING

 Linda Lavin was the narrator, and I cannot imagine a better voice to be the Boston Girl.  The story of a Jewish immigrant family living in Boston.   Told as if she was being interviewed by her granddaughter.  It covers most of the 20th Century.  This was so well done!! I loved it...(you will, too, Gail!)
I must have been on a New England kick because the second book I listened to last week was about Salem, Massachusetts.
This story is  told by the ten year old daughter of Martha Carrier, one of the first women to be hung. The author, Kathleen Kent, is a seven-generation granddaughter of Martha Carrier, so this is based on her family journals and history. It is a true story, based on facts, and it is horrifying.  Although beautifully is almost painful to read.
I can't imagine a life without books.  Both of these books made me cry...and maybe that's a good measure for a book, eh? 

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