Friday, September 30, 2016

Rockford, Illinois

Sometimes, a thing becomes special just because of it's infrequency. Thanksgiving is like that. Because you only stuff that turkey ONCE A YEAR -- it is a very big deal. Depending on your life and circumstances, sex can be like that. Or a beach vacation...or, eating popovers...well, you get my point.

In my life, there are many "once a year" occasions I look forward to.

Spending a day with my college roommate, Becky, is one of those annual events. She lives in the Chicago area -- so we're three hours apart. We agree on a day (usually late in the summer) -- and I pick a town. There are a lot of interesting little towns in the State of Illinois.

We've been doing this for years now...and it is always, always one of the BEST DAYS of my year.
Several years ago, Becky turned up with a new convertible!!
One year, we met in Dixon, Illinois...we laughed we talked, we ate lunch, we caught up with each other's lives..
Last year, we went to the Barb Wire Museum in DeKalb, Illinois.
This year -- there was the added benefit that she was DELIVERING my new Singer Featherweight (and TABLE)...
Becky and I met  at the Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum.  -- the most unusual house museum I've ever visited...
Robert Tinker was a gifted artist, and when he married the richest widow in town (possibly one of the richest women in the country at the time) -- his place in Illinois history was set in motion.
So, what made this house museum so unusual? And where did all the money come from? How was Abraham Lincoln involved?

And -- of course -- there was that scandal...

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