Friday, September 9, 2016

Final July Road Trip

As I look back on the summer of 2016, it is impossible to list the BEST thing I did. It was a wonderful time, from beginning to end. I loved doing Grandma Camp with the kids...and John is loving his retirement, he is feeling well and golfing often. Ross graduated and became a Registered Nurse. Every week, I planned a special activity with my girlfriends. IT WAS A MAGNIFICENT SUMMER.

But, my last road trip of the summer was definitely one of the highlights. I was headed north (WAY FAR north) to the Northern Lights Music Festival. Classical music on the Minnesota Iron Range!!
I left my house on a beautiful, clear day. The July sky was AWESOME.
The first leg of the trip was from my house to Minneapolis (7 hours) to pick up a friend at the airport.
I made a few stops along the way to stretch my legs...(and look at a map -- remember -- I am traveling WITHOUT A SMARTPHONE).
In a random parking lot, this vehicle caught my eye.  I sooo wanted to wait around to see who it belonged to. But -- I WAS IN A HURRY...
Unfortunately, about four hours into the trip -- it started to rain.
By the time I arrived at the airport, it was a relief to be in an underground garage...even if the traffic there was horrendous...
So -- who was I picking up in Minneapolis?  MY FRIEND PAT..!! She flew in from Seattle -- just to attend the opera on the Minnesota Iron Range.
We spent our first night in a little town just north of Minneapolis. The next day, we drove to Aurora. (another five hours)...where we were greeted by --- drum roll....
Mary Mulari, the hostess with the mostest, who had a special lunch for us. PASTYS.  The local hand pie was a staple of miners in the area.  It is a meat pie made with rutabagas and other root vegetables.  DELICIOUS
And Mary's friend, Nancy Harp -- delivered a HOMEMADE BLUEBERRY PIE.
I cannot imagine anything more wonderful than a TWO PIE LUNCH...
After lunch, Mary showed us some of the projects she was working on for her next taping of Sewing With Nancy.
We also got a nice report about her recent trip to Finland (she made this crossover apron out of Marrimeko fabric)...

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