Thursday, September 8, 2016

PFW: The Deborah Challenge


We did our Featherweight service, maintenance workshop in the morning -- and then, had our Splendid Sampler Sew and Tell for lunch, and LP conducted her mini-session on Paper Piecing.

Yes -- WE WERE TIRED...all that talking and laughing and sharing takes a toll, people~~
But every machine was purring like a kitten...
And the parting gift was a piece of embroidery from my sister Deborah.
Deb has been an AVID MACHINE EMBROIDERER for a long, long time.  But after our Sisters Sewing Weekend, she bought Izzy -- remember?  Our first WHITE Featherweight.
Deb embroidered a bunch of different "Featherweight-like" designs...on some beautiful white cotton....
The idea is for the girls to use the embroidered designs in a project of their choosing.
An apron, or a jacket, or maybe a Featherweight cover...
Everybody got to pick one...and I can't wait to see what they make with it!!
Our last activity was a Featherweight table show and tell.
This beauty belongs to my sister Deb.  I picked it up for her...when she purchased her SECOND Featherweight...
I KNOW, I KNOW -- IT AIN'T OVER YET...and you might be sick to death of hearing about all the Featherweights my crew has been buying this summer.

But, c'mon -- THERE'S A FEATHERWEIGHT TABLE???   Who knew??

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