Monday, September 5, 2016

PFW: Attachments

It is shocking to me that so many of our Featherweight sewing machines have been found with the ORIGINAL CARDBOARD BOXES of attachments. When they were new -- they came with these attachments: (considered basic at the time)
We are still trying to figure them all out, but we know the ruffler, the rolled hemmer, the zipper foot, the rick-rack applicator, the bias tape foot. What are the others?
I was trying to demo the rolled hem foot. It really is all about getting the fabric inserted just right before you start...
Which makes a STUNNING little hem!!
Setting up the ruffler can feel kind of intimidating...especially if you are trying to weave the lower fabric in, so the upper fabric ruffles as you sew.
But, IF YOU DO IT RIGHT, the results are really stunning!!  And the SPEED of getting this job done is spectacular.
The little dutch boy pin cushion is sitting on Stella May.  He was once owned by the Grandmother this Featherweight is named after...
Maybe that's the Featherweight magic for me. Sewing on these little beauties takes you back to a kinder, gentler time. A time when every woman needed a ruffler attachment AND a bias tape applicator. I would like to thank each and every one of those women for taking such excellent care of their/our Featherweight sewing machines.

Sewing with my sisters and my sister/friends, learning about our Featherweights, making projects and quilt squares...well, it has added something wonderful to my life...

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