Friday, September 23, 2016

My Second Featherweight and Ritaluck

To review, my sisters Ronda, Deena and Deborah ALL have purchased Singer Featherweights. As a matter of fact, Deena bought two of them in the same week...and Deb, too.

Deb's second Featherweight came WITH THE FOLDING TABLE...So I guess I thought I was missing something...

But, me buying my second Featherweight -- AND THE TABLE -- was a complicated process. THAT INVOLVED A GOOD BIT OF RITALUCK..

I saw this listing on ebay:"Singer Featherweight with table. $325. Pick up in Wauconda, Illinois. Will not ship. "

One of my problems is that I cannot bid on ebay...(let's pretend it's a religious choice I've made.)
So -- my cousin Jackie (who lives in North Carolina) actually BID ON THE MACHINE for me. And I GOT IT!!
The next thing I had to work out was how to pick it up. Humm. The town of Wauconda is about 3 hours from where I live. Certainly not impossible....although it would be a long day of driving for me.  But, as Ritaluck would have it, my good friend Becky lives in Mundelein. Which is only 10 minutes from there!!

And,  even MORE RITALUCK (that's how it works) -- Becky and I ALWAYS GET TOGETHER in August. I usually pick a small town in Illinois -- so we both drive 1 1/2 hours to the rendezvous point.

So, the day after Jackie was the winning bidder -- Becky met the guy in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot, with $325 cash.  (this must be what its like to do a drug deal, eh?)

The next week -- Becky and I met up at a small town on the map -- halfway between our two homes.
Three months ago, I didn't even KNOW there was a folding table!!  And doesn't Becky look terrific!!
AND here's my second Featherweight. Born in December 1950...and she is a gem. Perfect in every way.(notice my new purse, Gail Yellen...)
I bought this machine with very little information -- I didn't have the serial number, and there was only one bad photo of the machine, sitting on top of the table. I couldn't tell if there were any accessories, or even a bobbin case. But, of course, because of Ritaluck -- I WAS NEVER WORRIED. The machine was perfect -- and everything was there. All the accessories were in the original cardboard box...including the bobbin case.

The next day, I was anxious to take her apart, and do an oil and lube...and she purrs like a kitten.  That little Featherweight clickety clack I've come to know and love...

And I already knew what her name was.  Jackoby.  (my two friends who brought her to me...Jackie and Becky.)

Jackoby and I are about to go visit John's family in Pennsylvania.  THERE WILL BE SOME SEWING, people!!   I'll keep you posted...

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