Saturday, September 3, 2016

PFW (Princeton Featherweight Workshop): PPT

After a very busy morning -- popover breakfast on the porch, transport Featherweights, set up, learning about the basics of was time for a little lunch break.
Sandy brought soup, and we had some fresh fruit, chips, nuts...SNACKING all day long...
After lunch, Linda P. is going to do a Paper Piecing Tutorial (PPT)
Her first order of business was to share all the Splendid Sampler blocks she has PAPER PIECED...YOUZA...
She is using one of the simple designs from the Splendid Sampler.
And she has made up kits for everybody.  We will ALL BE WORKING WITH THE SAME pieces of fabric...
A little more explanation, some demonstration...
Showing her body of work.
The block on the right is the one we are doing today.
And, as you can see -- WE DID IT..!!
Every one of us had one of those DUH moments...When we got it, we really, really got it!!

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