Saturday, September 17, 2016

Random Summer Pictures

As I was looking for a specific picture (still looking) -- I saw dozens of pictures from this summer.  It was SUCH A GREAT SUMMER...
Lilly jumping rope -- with a rope she made herself at Pioneer Days.
We ate many, many meals on the porch...watching hummingbirds.
Lilly wrote a lot of things down in her journal.
One of the BIG EVENTS this summer was Parker's graduation. Ronda, daughter Nicole, and me -- at his party.
Ronda made a ragged edge quilt for both Parker and his girlfriend Ally. OF COURSE!!
I went to my normal number of auctions...and regret NOT buying this treasure. Awesome, eh??
There are people in my life, who I love, with the last name "Parrot". Lucky for them -- I missed bidding on this treasure...
My Grandmother's house is being flipped. FINALLY. it's been empty for years...
These two kids share better than most. THANK YOU, Lilly and Warren. For giving me an excuse to eat at Steak and Shake once a week (shakes are half price from 2-5)
Sue and I went to some estate sales -- this one was where I bought the INCREDIBLE linen sheets. Which I am still finding uses for. SEW MUCH FUN...
My summer pedicure is spectacular!!
One of the best murals in Rock Island, Illinois.
Man, it gets hot here...100 degrees with 90% humidity. LOTS of games with the garden hose.
So, now it's September. The kids are back in school, and the wonderful summer of 2016 is history. John is digging potatoes...

YES TO FRIED POTATOES in an iron skillet!!

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