Thursday, October 18, 2012

Project Runway

Okay -- the truth is -- I'm still watching the show.

BUT I couldn't wait to see who the winner is before I said this -- I have two words for you, Heidi... RESCUE TAPE...

WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? I mean -- really?? A flesh colored dress -- completely open at the top -- with no bra whsoever...and the plunging neckline went all the way down to your belly button?

I cannot be the only person in America who watched the whole show, waiting to see one of Heidi's boobs pop out...

That dress was so distracting -- I couldn't even tell you who did what. Maybe that was their strategy, eh??

I'm going to go back and rewatch the video. THANK GOD Ross moved home so he could give me the cable tv DVR tutorial....

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