Friday, October 12, 2012

More is More

Maureen -- my sister-in-law is a character. She LIVES LARGE -- and I admire that about her. Whatever she is into -- she does it FULL TILT. Lucky for us -- when she has company -- she COOKS a meal fit for a king. Holy Cow. Her mother, Helen Farro -- was the best cook I ever knew. And she would be so proud of Maureen.  She made a HUGE feast for us -- scallops in butter sauce, eggplant parmasean, halupkes, fabulous crusty Italian bread...OH MY GOD...

In this picture -- John, Maureen and her husband Roger...
Maureen is THAT GIRL.  Whatever she loves -- she goes for it FULL OUT.  At Christmas, she decorates more than 50 trees for her home.  The local newspaper came out last year to photograph those trees, as she has become a local legend...Many of the trees have a theme -- an angel tree, and a Santa tree...other trees hold ornaments from her childhood.

AND Maureen loves shoes.  She did ballroom dancing -- mostly so she could buy shoes. This is just one closet -- which holds a portion of her 600-pair shoe collection..(yes, she has a picture of the shoes that are living in each box).

But this shoe collection is dwarfed by her real passion...really -- you've got to see it to believe it... Coming up soon -- Maureen's REAL PASSION...

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  1. You have got to be kidding me... who puts pictures of their shoes and organizes them in boxes?? That is crazy, I would never think of owning that many shoes!!!