Friday, October 19, 2012

Midwest Ya Ya Sister Head Shots...

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO IGNORE this post... Mary and I are trying to pick out the picture we're going to use for next year's Sewing Weekend in Beaver Dam... THIS is the easy part, people...! Anyway -- it's tough to email pictures. But it's easy for me to put them up on my blog. So this is how Mary is going to pick our next head shot... Tell me which one you like, Mary...


  1. Hey, Rita! I am going to chime in, and tell you that I like photo #4 best, then #3 next. They have the most natural smiles, and you look most like friends leaning toward each other. There are other good ones there, too.

    I met you in Puyallup in 2011. We sat on a bench outside the Expo Hall and talked a minute.
    I enjoy reading your "reality blog". :-) In other words, you let us in on some of your real-life adventures, gripes, family, and fun. Thanks!! Amy in Walla Walla, WA

  2. THANKS, Amy -- #4 is my pick, too. SEE YOU AT THE SHOW..