Friday, August 19, 2011

Treadmill Disaster

My sister Ronda has been coming over to my house this summer -- and we do a "walk and talk" on my treadmill. Things were going just great. We spurred each other on until we both did two miles...excellent progress...

Until the morning of the "big bang". One day -- on mile #3 -- my treadmill died. Bummer.

This is the second treadmill I have personally killed. Hey -- I did not love my treadmill. The truth is -- everybody hates their treadmills.

But I really, really would have liked it to last longer than 3 1/2 years (440 hours and 1540 miles to be exact). It was a Horizon treadmill, which I purchased from Amazon...which seemed like a good idea at the time. However, after wasting two days trying to contact a tech --John (who can fix anything) figured out the computer board (a $300 part not under warranty) melted down. Bummer.

So here's today's valuable lesson.


The lint and fuzz that builds up becomes like a wool blanket that holds the heat in. SAVE YOURSELF!! (Hey -- Clean the bobbin area of your sewing machine while you're at it.)

#2: Amazon is a great place to buy books -- but not so great when it comes to 300 pound treadmills.

So I am buying my next treadmill from Dick's sporting goods -- along with a 4-year EXTENDED WARRANTY...AND you can be sure I'll have them show me how to remove the cover and VACUUM...

After a week of RESEARCH....I am buying an honest-to-God-made-in-America- Sole treadmill. A F-63. I think. I'll keep you posted...

And I am hopeful...


  1. A sewing machine store employee once told of a woman who asked about replacing the felt pad under the throat plate. Wha?? Again, a buildup of lint that shouldn't have been there!! lol!!

  2. That is the exact treadmill that i have and LOVE IT... no problems what so ever. I think it will last forever....

  3. Hey,Chad! Thanks for the encouragement...and since you train for TRIATHALONS -- I am very optimistic!

  4. Thanks for the information, I am going to see if I can find a dealer close to home.

    We discovered, after we wore through our first belt, you have to lubricate the belts, often, especially if you use them every day. This second belt has lasted us a much longer time. :) We have had the machine for 14 years.