Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I certainly know this is not a hot news flash -- but The HELP is a fabulous book!! Published in 2009, it's sold over 3 million copies -- and the new movie will most likely double that number.

My niece Amy read it when it first came out -- and she loaned it to me. I didn't get around to reading it -- and gave it to Val when she was in the nursing home. When I got it back the other day, I found myself reading until 3:00 AM. I couldn't put it down and I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed a book as much as this one.

The other members of my book club have been waiting on me to have the actual "discussion" -- and now -- I made them wait so long -- we can ALSO GO SEE THE MOVIE...

So -- hey -- run -- don't walk -- to get this book. I will not ruin it for you by discussing the pertinent details.

But I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the way Kathryn Stockett told this story. And it will be interesting to see the movie, too -- because Kathryn sold the movie rights to a good friend of hers, also from Mississippi, who had zero movie experience.

Click here to read the story about the making of the movie...

It's inspirational in sooo many ways. Yes...run, don't walk...


  1. I read a lot of books that keep me up at night...Not just my sewing can accomplish that! This one is on my list.

  2. This was a great book. Funny, sad, telling, and I think really captured the experience of the south in the early 60's.