Wednesday, August 24, 2011

President Obama visits LeClaire, Iowa!!

This may seem like a strange request -- but if you happen to live in South Africa -- please email me. My son, Ross, is going to South Africa for a week (he leaves on Thursday) -- and it would be wonderful if he could actually meet somebody who lives there. AND I can see from my analytics that there are several regular readers from South Africa. You know who you are!!

And wouldn't it be WAY COOL if I could use this blog to make that connection.

As it turns out -- during his recent visit to the Heartland -- President Obama probably drove his (big-million dollar-made-in-Canada) bus on the road in front of my house.

AND I MISSED IT. Darn...How cool would it be to have that photo??

But I do have THIS picture....

This is President Obama, stopping to buy some popcorn in LeClaire, Iowa.

That's right. The proud home of the AMERICAN PICKERS....Mike and Frank should have been there to shake his hand!!

I just could not resist telling you, ONCE AGAIN, what a special, interesting part of the world I live in. Here's a link to the President's visit

Apparently -- none of the stores had a clue that he would be stopping. Can you imagine? He also made completely unannounced, unscheduled visits to several high schools in the area. Although school wasn't in session in Maquoketa, Iowa -- he visited with teachers who were preparing their classrooms.

In Galesburg, Illinois -- on his way through town, he stopped at the high school football field to shake hands and talk to the practicing team.

Hey -- when you think about it -- I'm sure the BEST security is to NOT have a predetermined "agenda". And, it really doesn't matter whether or not you are a fan of Barack Obama. I'm just sayin' -- it is a huge honor to have a visit from the President of the United States...

We are honored.

But, really -- the rest of the world must be wondering what the Iowa attraction is.

Hey -- it's a mystery. I know for SURE that we see more of these people than anybody in Washington D.C. ever does.

Again -- all I can say is -- if politicians were bees....Iowa is the honey...

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