Saturday, August 13, 2011

Patrick Lose

I was a day late watching Project Runway. I'm not going to write a whole post about this episode. But -- stilt-models? Really?

Obviously, the biggest challenge this week was to see who can be a team player. And, frankly, what does that have to do with being a good designer?

Here's a question for you, tho. About Kim Kardashian, the guest judge. Do you think they had to pay her extra to NOT talk?


Last week -- I did a little day-trippin to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It is always a treat for me to spend a little time with my friend Anne. This is us again -- shopping at Pine Needles. A fabulous quilt shop in Cedar Rapids.

Here's a great picture of the owner, Jill -- with Patrick Lose. ...

Ooops -- here's a way better shot....
A very famous fabric designer -- Patrick is a popular author and designer of unique applique designs. It was a delight to meet him in person. Hey -- you never know when a speaker might decide to come to PUYALLUP...and since he was actually HERE IN MY was a nice opportunity to make contact.

Although, he actually lives in Phoenix, Arizona. And he has a store and a design studio there -- if you'd like to also meet him.

AND -- if you are ever in the vicinity of Cedar Rapids, Iowa -- please make it a point to visit Pine Needles. They were the sponsor of the Super Seminar in Bettendorf, Iowa. With Ricky Tims and his crew...

Which reminds me -- Libby Lehman will be teaching at Pine Needles August 19 & 2o. YOU SHOULD GO. Libby is simply one of the best quilting teachers in America today. I recently had the pleasure of attending one of her seminars -- and I learned AND laughed...always a great combo.

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL QUILT SHOPS. Summer can be a very slow time for them. They work hard to bring you the latest and the greatest -- and if you're looking for some inspiration, feeling like you want to do something creative -- or maybe you're just in the mood to make some new friends -- GO THERE NOW...

Tell them Rita sent ya...

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