Monday, August 22, 2011

John's garden

Here's John -- standing by Sam's grave, covered with flowers.

You can see some of the hummingbird feeders hanging off the porch...

John has always loved gardening. And this is the very BEST time of year...with bumper crops of green beans...
And my favorite thing -- POTATOES...

He picked the first green pepper of the year.

Really. There just isn't anything better in the world than good old-fashioned FRIED POTATOES. If I wanted to start a restaurant -- that's what I'd do.

Potatoes. Nothing but potatoes. Fried potatoes. Baked potatoes. Mashed potatoes. Hashbrown potatoes. Cheesy potatoes. Potato pancakes....Gheesh...that is SUCH A GOOD IDEA..!!

Happy Birthday, John. Thanks for taking such good care of everything around here. Especially me...

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  1. Also a potato lover! My favorite is to oven roast a combo of baby Yukon Golds, baby reds, and baby purple potatoes. I slice in half then toss in olive oil, salt, pepper, and marjoram. Yummy and pretty :-)
    Laura in Puyallup