Friday, August 5, 2011

Project Runway, Week #2

Yes, OF COURSE I AM WATCHING Project Runway. Although, in my humble opinion, the bloom is off the rose.

I mean -- when it was new, I used to get phone calls from at least five of my girlfriends on the night of the show. It WAS MUST WATCH television..

But Heidi Klum has had at least three babies since then -- and Tim Gunn has had that many failed cable television shows...

So -- last week (the premiere) was just okay for me. Although I was glad the geezer won. (54-year old Bert).

This week they shopped in a pet store. Tim specifically said, "the challenge is about unconventional materials. The judges will not look kindly, for example, on a contestant who simply takes apart a dog bed."

Well, DUH, Tim...

I'm not going to go over who did what. If you watched it -- you already know. And if you didn't watch it -- you don't care.

Here are my observations.

22-year old Oliver is the most annoying contestant. Born in Cincinnati, now from New York -- he speaks with a very strange English/Japanese/French accent?? What is that about? He took apart a dog bed to make a dull beige sherpa top. His dull beige skirt-from-hamster-bedding was better -- but he didn't know when to stop -- so he glued the bedding wood chips onto the model's eyebrows. Really??

Considering Anya still does not know how to thread a sewing machine...her garment looked very polished on the runway. They should set up a secret camera in that workroom after the designers go back to the Atlas for the night...I'm pretty sure there's a Trinidadian cleaning lady coming in after Midnight who does Anya's sewing...

Because Bert had immunity -- he barely woke up from his nap long enough to sew one back seam in his FABRIC outfit. I was sooo disappointed. The best line of the night was when Tim, critiquing Bert's dress, said, "You're on such a high with the judges right now. This could potentially recalibrate their thinking..."

Geezer-Bert did, as predicted, change my perception of him.

Have you ever heard of the guest judge? Stacey Bendit? She was wearing a shapeless black dress...with a very annoying large Beatrice blue thing-a-ma-jig in her hair (they really are ONLY suitable for royal weddings, honey), an orange necklace, a purple belt, and red shoes...ugh...

At the end, the two top designers were:

Oliver...with his boring, shapeless beige outfit made out of a dog bed. (remember the eyebrows)

Anthony Ryan -- he made a muslin dress, then glued birdseed all over it. The collar area was out of sunflower seeds...on the runway it looked like an amazing beaded cocktail dress.

However -- Nina thought Oliver should be the winner. Heidi wanted Anthony to win.

Based on Tim's early admonition NOT to use a dogbed, I'm thinking the right guy is gonna win. I'm with Heidi -- it should go to Anthony....

However -- despite her very German personality -- Heidi gets trumped by Nina every time..

And I was right to worry.

Oliver won. The DOG BED GUY...OF COURSE...

Obviously -- the lesson is -- DO EXACTLY WHAT TIM TELLS YOU NOT TO DO!!

I think Becky should have won (the colorful flower dress). She and Viktor (the purple tie-dyed sheath) are the two most under-rated designers....and I am looking forward to what they'll do next week.

But I am over Geezer-Bert. No matter what he does next week -- he should go home.


  1. But, you got to admit, there were some funny one-liners. Connie and I almost used up our cell batteries texting back and forth all evening.
    Laura in Puyallup

  2. Lookie, lookie, I can post again! Gave up on Google account.
    Laura in Puyallup

  3. Well, at least this season isn't shaping up to see who is the most gay.
    I could not figure out how a dog bed could win when the rules specifically said not to just take apart a dog bed.