Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hotel Blackhawk & POTUS

The last time you saw the Hotel Blackhawk was in January when they were having their grand opening.
My entire crew went down for a rare cousins-party...and we enjoyed it to the max.

Remember the beautiful beds? Well -- GUESS WHO SLEPT IN ONE OF THOSE BEDS on Tuesday night, August 16, 2011?

President Barack Obama!!

Remember -- I live in IOWA. For reasons I will never understand, we hold a deep, special, enduring, never-ending fascination for politicians.

We're the cheese...they are the mold.

Wait, that didn't come out right....

Anyway -- it is interesting how an actual presidential visit works. Although security was beefed up in the area, there never was an "official announcement" about where the President would be actually sleeping...

If you were already scheduled to be staying at the hotel, you may have had an actual "encounter". Otherwise, the Secret Service had such a large area cordoned off -- we never even saw a picture of him, at the Hotel Blackhawk -- on the local news.

Which begs the question. Was he really THERE?

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