Friday, August 26, 2011

Heidi Klum's NB Challenge -- spoiler alert

About this "challenge". Heidi Klum designs "activewear" for New Balance. OH MY GOD -- THIS WOULD BE SO MUCH FUN...I know EXACTLY what I would make.

Of course, I love knits. I'd use zebra knit to bring all three "looks" together. The first look would be a simple knit dress that you could pull over your head as you leave the gym, or run to the store...I'd trim the armholes and hem with an outside facing...instead of a jacket or a hoodie, I'd make one of those "wraps" that has two the NYC circle wrap Mary & I had in the Ya Ya show...

Oh....I am LOVING IT....But -- just as I'm working on my second look -- Heidi said "don't think active wear"...think FASHION. Wha? Don't think activewear??

Of course, later on -- when Heidi came into the workroom to check out their progress, she sees they are using chiffon, and making long skirts, and she keeps asking, "how will that look with tennis shoes?"

Hummm...this might have gone better if they had been told it was an "activewear" challenge...

And -- hey -- where can I send my sympathy card to Bert? I used to like both Anthony and Laura -- but from the first moment of this team challenge they were completely rude and mean-spirited to Bert. And I was glad he stuck up for himself.

At the end -0n the runway -- the design Gods punished Anthony and Laura. Bigtime. Their outfits were absolute garbage. You've gotta love Karma.

However -- Bert should pray there are no more team challenges.

Once again -- Nina TRUMPS Heidi during the judging round and Dannielle was sent packing. What's up with that?? Isn't Heidi the PRODUCER for crying out loud? And this was for HER LINE OF CLOTHES??

Anthony should have gone home. Actually, his outfit was so bad, he should have been arrested by the fashion police -- a good punishment would be having to wear his own incredibly ugly shorts out on the street.


  1. I haven't seen this week's episode of PR yet.

    I was at an airshow instead this weekend with our plane and might have a new reality show to watch instead (of PR) as I am hedging by bets whether I will watch every episode of PR. I think this season's crop of 'designers' might need more time to design and more time to shop than what is alloted.
    My new reality show is called: "post office survivor" -- no scratch that - I'm working that job, no - it is called, "Flying Wild Alaska".

  2. I was rooting for Anthony, because he's also a cancer survivor. But....that outfit was BAD!!!! I'll give him one more chance. Anya is also a favorite, because of her learning to sew, so she could create her designs herself.
    Laura in Puyallup