Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chad's girls

Yesterday, my nephew Chad posted a "comment" on my treadmill-funeral-blog. I am always DELIGHTED to learn one of my peeps is reading this darn thing...

Especially since I had already scheduled THIS blog post --

Thanks to my photographer-niece-Kelcy -- I DID finally manage to see a picture of some children ACTUALLY wearing my nifty towel cover-ups.

Here's Chad's girls -- Madeline and Avery -- in their semi-matching pink flamingo towel cover-ups. Pretty cute, eh?
But, alas, the young fathers just CANNOT RESIST these! In this picture, of course, CHAD is wearing one of the towels.

Apparently, all my nephews -- in Iowa, in Pennsylvania, in Utah -- wherever they live -- they are a bunch of goof balls.

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