Saturday, August 27, 2011

Children's Discovery Center

After a week in the hospital -- Garrett came home. Amy had a lot of catching-up to do around the house -- and she asked if I could watch Cale & Cash.

Hey -- what a great chance to check out the Children's Discovery Center in Clinton, Iowa.
We were VERY IMPRESSED. Cale and Cash both fit in the "body bubble" machine...

And we all loved the wall of pneumatic tubes -- and watching the various scarves and yarn balls zipping around. Cash got really good at catching them...

They even had a zebra in the miniature golf course area!!

Cash was rowing a boat...there was magnetic fishing....lots of inter-active things for the kids to do. Pretend ambulance, grocery store, costumes, a train engine. They loved it!!

And -- the cost of all this high quality entertainment? Only $4 each.


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