Monday, August 15, 2011

Austin's Surprise Aunt Rita Adventure

Austin is 14 years old, a soon-to-be-sophomore in high school. Yikes. Where could I take him? Remember -- his sister, Lexi, went with me to a 60's music event. Hummm...He's a kid who loves the outdoors. I could take him to see a local production of the "Music Man" IS happening in a park, after all.


Chad Pegrake, and his foundation, "Living Land & Waters" is having their annual fundraiser. Down on the Oneida landing in Davenport, Iowa -- there will be a dinner and a tour of the new barge...they're expecting 900 people!!

Where else can you go to eat smoked carp appetizers? That tastes like beef jerky?

Here's a picture of Austin, at the entrance to the tented party area...

AND -- SHAKING HANDS with Chad. Who is an inspiration. If you think one person can't make a difference -- think again. Chad was Austin's age when he realized there wasn't a government agency in charge of picking up trash out of the river. So he just started to do it himself...

We got a tour of the barge...
Then we ate dinner...

Which was delicious! Fried fish (of course) -- excellent cole slaw, a shrimp boil...I was hungry, too!!

I'll write more about Austin's adventure -- but I wanted to post this as soon as possible, because right now, during the month of August -- all up and down the Mississippi River -- Living Land & Waters is working on a giant clean-up. And they're also going to have a launch party for the new barge in St. Louis. Maybe you'll want to help.

At the end of our adventure, we stopped at the Village Inn (any excuse for a piece of pie, eh, Rita?). Austin spent his own money to buy his Dad his favorite pie -- french silk.

Austin is a fine young man and it was a pleasure for me to spend a little time with him. He is bright, engaging, polite, and has many interests and hobbies. Plus -- he's so considerate. I mean -- IT WAS A WHOLE PIE, PEOPLE!!

It is very clear to me that his Mom & Dad have done a great job.

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