Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sewing, Special Events & Kids

Today I'm headed over to Cedar Rapids to spend a little quality time with my young friend Anne. Last time you saw her -- we were going to Pine Needles to meet Mr. Bernina...

She recently sent this email note:

It's fair time and we're getting our reports ready. As I was cutting and pasting pictures I had a happy feeling that I wanted to share. What could be better than kids sewing? At one of our spring 4-H meetings our kids made travel pillows. They had practice cutting with a pattern, sewing around curves, clipping seams, recognizing right and wrong sides, stuffing, hand stitching, and the joy of a finished project. These girls are only 7 and 8 and they already have a very exclusive skill.

Again -- thanks for sharing, Anne!! Your kids are very lucky, indeed...!!

And there is NOTHING better than kids sewing!!
I see BLUE RIBBONS all over the place...

I'm looking forward to spending today with you and the kids, Anne...and can hardly wait to see what you cook us for dinner!!

THEN -- we get to go to Pine Needles to eat some scrumptious dessert and meet Patrick Lose!!

There is NOTHING like a relaxing day spent with girlfriends...AND some sewing inspiration..!!

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  1. I "sew" agree - there is nothing like kids sewing. Great pictures. Our county fair is this weekend. Been out there every day taking entries & setting up. My 4-H kids - lots of blue ribbons and more :-)
    Laura in Puyallup