Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Muscatine Dad Stitches Quilt

Hey -- women who sew are THE BEST. I mean that. We are awesome. Simply amazing.

But, of course, men who sew are amazing as well...and I think you'll enjoy this story. I know I did...

There was a wonderful story in the Quad Cities times about a Dad who made a quilt for his national guard son who is returning from Afghanistan.

I avoid political discussions on this blog. But I would like to say that Iowans hav been doing our part for the last ten years. Our National Guardsman have done two, three and four tours of duty. First in Iraq and now in Afghanistan. Every family I know has somebody over there. I pray for Kim's son, Matthew, every night...and I think it's high time they ALL CAME HOME...

here's the link to the story. Great job, Mr. Zaehringer:

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