Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Take A Walk?

One of the highlights of my week is Tuesday morning "breakfast club". We usually just meet at the local Hy-Vee grocery store. We often have a Sew & Tell. Now and then we have a field trip. On this day -- we went to Aunt Ada's house. Sandy is the one in front.

Here she is, at the Ricky Tims event. We are taking pictures of each other, taking pictures...

I know she doesn't LOOK like a trouble maker...

But the other day, when I was complaining about NOT being able to walk because my treadmill died, she said, easy as you please, "well -- you could go outside and walk, Rita."

I'll be dipped. What's up with that?

I looked at her as though she suggested I launch the space shuttle from my roof.

Walk outside? In this Iowa summer weather? On real grass, loose gravel, unlevel ground?

Taking a closer look at my friend Sandy, I wondered if she was one of those radical free-thinking. vegetarian-health-food-commie-subversive-types?

Hummm....could I do it?

Actually walk OUTSIDE?

How will I know when I've walked a distance of 2.22 miles @ 4.0 mph??

It's like a big I DARE YOU....

I'll pretend I'm a pioneer woman, walking behind my covered wagon across the prairie...

This must be what the Wright brothers felt like...

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