Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I AM an Olympic Junkie. I will watch every single event -- figure skating, downhill, crosscountry...sports I NEVER GAVE EVEN A SINGLE THOUGHT TO for the last four years...

Maybe it's because they come at a time when television is full of reruns. Even the Real Housewives of Orange County are repeats...over and over again, I have to watch Tamra cower as Simon hisses through clenched teeth, "I AM NOT CONTROLLING - AM I? GO AHEAD -- TELL YOUR FRIENDS THAT I DO NOT CONTROL YOU...GO AHEAD -- TELL THEM HOW HAPPY WE ARE. RIGHT? TELL THEM WHAT A PERFECT MARRIAGE WE HAVE. TELL THEM!"

I mean -- really -- how many reruns can a person take? I am READY FOR SOME KIND OF REAL LIVE ACTION... and -- HEY -- if you like to sew -- Expo is OUR VERY OWN SUPER-BOWL OF A SEWING SPECTATOR SPORT... but once every four years WE HAVE TO COMPETE WITH THE WINTER OLYMPICS..

Because I certainly can't miss a moment of EXPO....the closest thing we have to SEWING OLYMPICS....We have Style Shows -- EVERY DAY five different shows. AND then, there's the Free Stage -- with all those free demonstrations and how-to sessions. Not to mention the ticketed seminars, the brand new more in depth two-needle seminars, all the hands-on classes, the evening special events, the Sunday morning charity fashion show...no matter what your "sewing sport" is...Expo has something for you..

And, imagine how all the talented Olympians look forward to getting together with their athletic friends from all over the world -- I'm looking forward to visiting with my once-a-year-sewing-friends in Puyallup.... Marilyn, Bonne, Judy, Chris...and, of course -- the Hey Rita tote's birth mother...JAN...

SO -- HEY -- GREAT JOB, CANADA. But I'm going to have to TIVO the last few days of Olympic events. Because I've got a real LIVE EVENT OF MY OWN that only comes around once a year...


Remember -- today is the LAST DAY YOU CAN VOTE. Go to Burdastyle.com and vote for your favorite garments to be in the Coats & Clark Pink & Red Fashion Show. I have a link on the show blog...

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  1. 9:00pm PST on 2/16. I am sooooooo stressed!! Wish I knew what time zone Burda was using as the end of the voting. Can hardly wait until the 17h arrives.
    Laura in Puyallup