Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fight Like A Cowgirl

Recently, my family helped out at a fundraiser for a young friend of ours. Lissa Kucher, only 33 years old, is fighting breast cancer. Lissa lives with my nephew Cory. She's worked and studied for years to graduate from Palmer School of Chiropractic. She has always loved horses -- so, of course, she wanted to become a horse chiropractor -- and she accomplished that goal just last spring. Here we are (me, the Hey Rita Tote and Lissa) right before the fundraiser started...

Lissa designed her own t-shirts...this is me with my sister Ronda (left) and her daughter Nicole (right) the kitchen..

..the men's shirts said, "Real Cowboys Wear Pink".

Breast cancer is enough of a battle -- but, like so many other young people in business for themselves, Lissa doesn't have any health insurance benefits...

The small town of Maquoketa, Iowa -- TURNED OUT FOR LISSA...on a bitter cold winter night, hundreds of people came to the soup supper. We served soup for hours and hours... so many people brought chili, it felt like the neverending soup pot....then there was an auction, and a dance....

This is Ronda's other daughter -- Amy -- in charge of t-shirt sales. See her pink apron? I made it out of a long-sleeved t-shirt...Now THERE'S A FIVE MINUTE PROJECT, PEOPLE...

I'm telling Lissa's story to put a face on breast cancer. Early detection can make all the have regular mammograms, most importantly -- do self-exams, -- and talk to every young woman you know. Be aware. Know what to look for -- and TELL OTHERS.

My outfit for the Coats & Clark Pink & Red Charity Event will be all about FIGHTING LIKE A COWGIRL...


  1. So awesome what the town is doing to support Lissa. She is in my prayers. I am also a survivor - 2 years this past weekend! I was diagnosed at 42 and my friend was diagnosed at 39. It's all about early detection!!! Tell Lissa she has a "booby buddy" in Puyallup!

  2. Thanks,'s always great to hear about somebody on the OTHER SIDE!

  3. Rita,

    What a heart tugging story. Thank you for sharing it. I am always encouraged when I hear of towns, schools, communities and such rallying behind such worthy causes. What an awesome testimony to the community! Way to go!!!


  4. Im not sure if you guys are sending the shirts other places to be sold, buti bought a fight like a cowgirl t-shirt this past weekend at the florida ranch rode finals. And i LOVE it! And i plan on ordering a hoodie too (: Good Luck with everything girls!