Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fleece Fringe VIDEO

One of my blogging friends actually sent me this YouTube LINK -- and -- guess what -- SOMEBODY ALREADY MADE A VIDEO! I'm having quite an issue posting pictures right now. hey -- some days Internet Explorer is fine -- other days I have to use Mozilla...blogging continues to be a MYSTERY.

Anyway -- thanks to my friend D.T. -- here's an excellent video of the "technique". Deena uses the little Olfa cutter, my sister Ronda uses a scissors, and this woman uses a seam ripper to make the small "hole".

Whatever you use (wouldn't a buttonhole cutter be perfect?) -- I think YOU WILL ENJOY THE FINISHED RESULT...


  1. NOW I GOT IT!!! Thank you, Rita, for taking the time to make and post this clip. I think I have two boys who would love to do this project. Hopefully we can squeeze it in later this week.


  2. I AM SOOO DELIGHTED that the video made it clear. Now I can go to Expo and NOT carry around the fleece fringe samples everywhere I go...