Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Deena's step-by-step

Okay, Sandy -- this is for you! And if you can't figure it out from the pictures -- WE'LL JUST HAVE TO GET TOGETHER FOR LUNCH -- and I'll bring a little demo-size blanket.

And, Lori B. -- if these pictures don't make it clear -- I can do a video! let me know if this is enough information...

The hardest part of making these blankets is lining up the two pieces of fleece and pinning them together. Deena is lucky -- she has a pool table. The first thing she does is cut away 3" at all four corners. Then, she uses a scissors or a pinking shears to cut 3" fringes (1/2" wide) all the way around (through both layers.) Here, she's holding the cute little Olfa cutter which makes the tiny hole that's required to pull one piece of fleece through...and then the other...

Which is what she's doing here -- make that tiny little hole -- through both layers -- all the way around the blanket. (yes, you do have to move your rotary cutting mat as you move around the blanket.)

That's it!! We used two very different pieces of fleece so you can see how she pulled the bottom brown fleece up through the white fleece hole..

Then, she pokes the white fleece through the brown hole -- and pulls it through...

This is what the finished edge looks like! No bumpy knots around the edges -- and the blanket doesn't bunch up on itself...

Here's a picture of one of her finished blankets. Simple, eh??

THIS is my little sister Deena. She's a wonderful, generous person who is always doing kind things for other people. Including me and my boys...THANKS FOR SHARING, DEENA!!


  1. Hi Rita,

    I am intrigued with this idea. I would like to give it a try, I think.

    I'm a little lost in the directions. If I understand things correctly, you have two holes, one in the top fringe one in the bottom is that correct? If that's correct, you state to put the second fringe through the same hole. Does that mean we are treating the two holes as one? Or, are we putting the second strip through the opposing slit that is it's pair?

    I am inspired by your sisters generosity. Thank you for sharing her work.


  2. do make two holes, and they are not treated as one...but, I'm not finding the words to explain....and it's a little tricky. SO I'M GONNA DO A VIDEO..!!

  3. I must try this method. Do post a video. Or, you can carry around a blanket at Expo, and show us how to do it as we run into you :-)
    Laura in Puyallup

  4. Rita,

    I hope you see this message. Could you please look back at the directions and tell me how wide the strips are suppose to be? You have there 1/2" wide, but those look much wider then 1/2", is it possible they are 1.5" wide? We have our fleece out ready to give this a try. :)

    Thank you,


  5. Carol,

    In the video, the fringes do look much wider -- and I don't know how that would look in the end. Deena always cuts her fringes 1/2" wide. GOOD LUCK...

  6. Thank you, Rita.

    Looking at the pictures, in this post, if you look at the fringe being cut, they appear to be larger then one of the squares on the mat, which I am assuming is a 1" square. We will work something out. :)

    Thank you again, I appreciate it.