Friday, February 12, 2010

Anne's Baby Blankets

This email came from Anne -- Sarah's mother --

Hi Rita,

I loved your blog about baby blankets. When we found out about Sam and Sarah I started sewing - of course. I ordered a bias tape application foot from Nancy and edged quite a few cream colored flannel blankets with bias tape that I had cut and folded myself to match the sheets and dust ruffles. I am also an instant kind of sewer and tired of the tedium after a while, so I just serged around the flannel squares. Those thin, but large blankets are still in use. They protect the seats in the van under the kids booster seats. They are drop cloths when the stomach bug hits, they are great for dolls..... I'm sure we'll wear them out and then cut them up for dust cloths. They are certainly one of the best gifts you can give a new mom and dad, and now you've inspired me again. Our nephew and his wife in Cincinnati are expecting in August.

Anne has promised to send pictures of Sarah's recycled sweater project. Although they were going to remake the adult sweater into a Sarah's size -- at the end of the day -- Sarah couldn't see the point of a "short-sleeved sweater". No kidding...what's the point? I feel the same way about decaffeinated coffee, Sarah...

So -- instead -- the white sweater has morphed into Sarah's doll bedding...


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  1. Hi Rita,

    I'll see what I can do to get those pictures sent today. Tonight is the sock hop for the kids that we weren't planning on attending, but now there's a last minute poodle skirt in the works with - hopefully a recycled long sleeve cashmere sweater.

    The pink and red entries are fabulous. Wonderful to see the faces of so many creative women.