Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jessica Simpson is NOT fat

Okay...this is my VERY LAST POST about Project Runway.

One thing that keeps coming up in my conversations about this debacle was the guest judge -- Jessica Simpson. I think she did a very credible job as a judge -- and it's not easy to disagree with Michael and Nina. Altho, apparently -- her opinion didn't count for ANYTHING. Because no matter how much she and Heidi stuck up for Mondo -- THE CLEAR the end of the show, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia got to make the call.

Why is that??

But, for Jessica -- the biggest problem is probably that since the show aired -- she has to listen to everybody calling her FAT.

And SHE IS NOT FAT. However, the fact is -- she looked TERRIBLE on the show...

Here's a picture of her, in the dress she wore during the Project Runway Finale...can you imagine anything more unflattering?? Do you know what the problem is??

It's a Michael Kors original.

That's it.

Michael Kors needs to retire. If his dress can make a beautiful young woman like Jessica Simpson look like an overweight, middle-aged matron -- HE NEEDS TO STEP AWAY FROM THE RUNWAY...

Really. You are finished, Michael Kors. You are officially way too full of yourself. Quit reading your own press releases. If that's the best thing you could find for Jessica Simpson to wear -- your career in fashion is officially over.

Now I know why you wanted Gretchen to win Project Runway. It's all clear to me....Mondo would have been too much competition.

I no longer trust your taste level, Michael Kors...

And, hey, Jessica -- GIVE MONDO A CALL!! He will design something that will make you look fabulous!!


  1. Is she pregnant. She doesn't look fat, she looks pregnant.

  2. Susan in MilwaukeeNovember 7, 2010 at 6:27 PM

    Rita, you are so right! A gazillion sewing ladies (and men) think that Gretchen should have gone home several challenges before the final three. She designs DRECK... if you can call it designing. Mondo ruled, and he was robbed. But what comes around goes around, and he'll be doing great things long after anyone can remember her name.

  3. well michael kors is not finished of course, but i get your point.

    that dress.. was very unflathering on jessica. i don't get why he allowed her to look like this in his dress, it's just bad advertising. but.. she isn't thin either, did you see that double chin!?

    gretchen.. i love her, but the collection was, in my opinion too expected and safe. the accessoires were great, but the clothes would be so blank without them.

    i love love love mondo and he totally should have won! his show was so much fun and if you take away his accessoires the clothes would be wearable. that's like.. perfect right!?

    ah well.. who am i. they probably had their reasons. :(