Saturday, October 23, 2010

Breakfast Clubbers Show & Tell

Okay -- I've caused some confusion. For many years, I've belonged to wonderful little "book club". And when I talk about "my clubbers" -- THOSE are the girls. Linda K., Linda P., Sandy and me. We all love to read -- but last summer, we realized that meeting once a month just wasn't good enough. So we decided to get together once a week for breakfast. And WE LOVE IT.

The four of us share a love of reading AND sewing. Although it's not mandatory -- we often have "show and tell' -- and those are the pictures I often blog about.

Linda P. made an apron for her grandson -- and she was afraid she'd "missed the window" -- but it was a BIG HIT with him and his friends...

As she was organizing her "stash" -- she decided to make napkins for us!! YIPEE..

Me and Linda K. -- delighted with our new napkins!!

Catching up with my clubbers ONCE A WEEK has been a wonderful addition to my schedule. I look forward to our breakfasts...and I never know what they're going to come up with...

yep. these are my people...

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