Friday, October 22, 2010

Carol, our Tour Guide

OKAY -- this is exciting. HANG ONTO YOUR HATS. During our action-packed Autumn Adventure in Geneseo, New York -- we squeezed in a quick TOUR OF THE TOWN. Carol was our official tour she is, as we pack up her Mini-Cooper...(for the record, it can accommodate three women and two suitcases)...

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY WE HAD. If I ever get tired of this sewing gig -- I'd like to be a photographer....wouldn't this be a perfect postcard?? Geneseo is a college town -- and the SUNY campus is beyond all it's Fall glory on this day...

Carol could be considered a local historian -- and she drove us by the Wadsworth mansion. The founders of the town...still a very impressive estate.

Imagine our delight when Carol told us the FOX HUNT was going on this weekend. WHAT?? There's an actual FOX HUNT?? Are you kidding me...??

Giddy-up, girls. THERE'S A FOX HUNT IN THIS TOWN....

You know you haven't seen the last of Carol, right??

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