Friday, October 29, 2010

Project Runway Sucks


When Heidi started arguing with Michael Kors and Nina Garcia -- I figured it was all just hype -- trying to make it feel like a competition.

Because, clearly -- MONDO WON -- HANDS DOWN.

By any criteria I could imagine -- Mondo was the winner. Best point of view, most creative, biggest surprise EVERY WEEK, by far the most original designs, he was the only designer with a truly identifiable aesthetic -- c'mon -- six weeks ago, I started calling Project Runway "The Mondo Show".

This picture is just one of Mondo's designs...he created at least a dozen memorable, wonderful outfits...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the oversize polka dot dress in the finale.

Gretchen won two early challenges this season and her head got so big she could hardly walk through a doorway. She was SOOO COMPLETELY FULL of herself -- giving the other designers "advice" and sharing her opinions about everything they were doing wrong....

Of course, for me, the problem was Gretchen's design aesthetic...which is mostly brown. This, of course, goes against my biggest fashion rule. Everybody who knows me understands my important "TB" rule.

Too I've gotta turn it down...

I once refused to buy a perfectly good car, even though it had everything I wanted -- simply because it was BROWN...

How will I remember Gretchen? Brown. Yep. Boring, boring brown...Yet -- THEY MADE HER THE WINNER OF PROJECT RUNWAY....I simply could not believe it. I wanted to throw a pool ball at my television screen. I am completely disgusted...

And hey -- with the big Finale episode being two hours long -- and all that yackity yack between the judges....NOBODY -- NOT EVEN ONCE -- MENTIONS THE FACT THAT GRETCHEN IS WEARING A SEE THROUGH SKIRT?? Really? I fear the pregnancy hormones have affected Nina's vision...

What's next? Bristol Palin winning Dancing with the Stars?? ugh...I'm going to go eat some chocolate now...


  1. I'm with you on this and I Totally agree with Every single word you said.
    Nina makes me crazy...

  2. I agree 120%!!!!!! Gretchen should NOT have won!

  3. . . . and Mondo's runway was NOT (despite what Nina said) a "cousin" to Seth Aaron's 7th season runway. When both Heidi and Jessica Simpson want to wear Mondo's polka-dot evening dress, the dress does NOT need (despite what Michael Kors said) more "skin" or to have the "sleeves cut off". Argh!

  4. Ok! I'm agreeing with this - I hated all her shorts that they gave andy horrid critiques about! I liked Andys's collection much better than gretchens - I can't stand that woman - she should have been eliminated long ago! Mondo was clearly the winner - "looks too young" comment raised my hackles! He's the ONLY one who had some color - who wants gray or brown?

  5. Mondo so should have won! I think Nina & Michael forced the issue, because Gretchen listened to their comments and Mondo did not. But, Gretchen's stuff looked so 1970s. When Michael said that Gretchen had her finger on the pulse of today's fashion, I wanted to say that means she's copying everyone else. Mondo was completely original. And, he is so NOT like Seth Aaron. Mondo does not do edgy. The only similarity is they both are fond of plaids.
    Laura in Puyallup

  6. WTF?????
    My thoughts exactly Rita! Mondo was robbed and I will NEVER watch this show again!

  7. Michael Kors must have blackmail material on Heidi. Gretchen is OK, but no great designer. I was rooting for her just because she's from Portland, but even I had to admit that Mondo was clearly the winner. Michael Kors is a pompous, orange faced, whining, jerk. Why in the hell is he a judge of anything? Fire Michael Kors!

  8. I was so upset and frustrated with the Gretchen win. I couldn't believe it. I think having PR on Lifetime has ruined the show. I'm not watching it anymore.