Thursday, October 21, 2010

Autumn Adventure

They kicked off the Autumn Adventure with a "dessert reception" on the first night! WHAT A FABULOUS IDEA...I'm telling you -- it was a gourmet extravaganza of delicious desserts...

Behind every worthwhile thing in the world -- there will usually be ONE WOMAN... and the chick who did a lot of the heavy lifting for this event was was hard to get her to stand still long enough to even TAKE the darn picture...

Alice and her team did a beautiful job of setting up the room in the hotel -- all the teachers had displays -- and I have NEVER EATEN BETTER desserts in my life...Oh My!!

Here we are again -- THE YA YA SISTERS EATING DESSERT...(you can't see our empty plates)...

I took a lot of great pictures during our quick visit to Geneseo, New York. There are always so many people to thank after an event like this one...and -- hey -- WE HAD A GREAT TIME..!


  1. Great update! I especially love the photo with Alice. She worked so hard, and did such an outstanding job with this event. But where's Jeff? :)

  2. Thanks You Rita and your best friend Mary for a great time- and a wonderful job for our event. You both make it so easy to work with. I am happy to say the event was for a worthy cause – a new building for KidStart – at lease now my boss knows why I wasn’t at my desk those weeks before the event! Not sure if now is the time to ask if her or my husband if we should do another sewing weekend but we will let you know if and when it is going to happen.