Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall in Iowa

Wow. THREE DAYS in a row I had to blow off steam about Project Runway. Sorry. But I feel better now. And, at the end of the day -- Mondo will probably be having dinner with Jennifer Hudson one day soon....

On our anniversary -- John & I usually end up taking a DRIVE. When I was a kid, "taking a drive" was a regular Sunday event. On this beautiful fall day -- the sky was stunning and I was loving the acres and acres of round hay bales still sitting in the fields...

I ended up with 24 pictures of round hay bales...this is my best shot...(not bad, considering it was taken at 65 miles per hour...)
I'm posting the next five pictures because I want to share my part of this beautiful scenic country we live in....

I have been so lucky in my life because I get to travel. And YOU KNOW I LOVE TO TRAVEL. New York City with my sisters and friends... some of my best memories are my sisters' trip to Ireland, road trips with Marion, Norway with Mary Mulari, the Oregon Coast with Joanne and Pat, And with my job -- I get to Ya Ya all over this beautiful is truly one of the joys of my life....

But I am never happier than on the day I come home to Iowa...


  1. Hi Rita,

    Jim and I have also been blessed with travels and the opportunity to live in Chicago and Denver, but whenever someone asks what brought us back to Iowa - I have to say, "It's the most beautiful place on Earth." Glad to hear that someone else prizes the beauty of the hay bales.


  2. Beautiful country.

    Not to start you all over again, but did you see that Gretchen - the Project Runway winner - was featured on Good Morning America this AM? I don't watch the show, but they showed some of her fashions. They weren't very attractive, especially the 'underwear' short - UGH!