Thursday, November 4, 2010

Viroqua Building

One of my favorite things is getting to meet people. Mostly because EVERYBODY HAS A STORY...and I am always fascinated by that.

Sometimes, it strikes me that buildings have stories, too.

When I go up to visit Elliott & Emily -- I love to stop at thrift shops, flea markets, etc. Fennimore, Wisconsin has a wonderful thrift store on the main street.

Viroqua, Wisconsin has several thrift stores -- and a Flea Market that's open from Wednesday through Sunday.

On this day, I had a little time -- and I turned off the main drag to find the Viroqua Flea Market I've been missing.

Then -- I saw this building. WHA??

They grow tobacco in Wisconsin??

Hummm...maybe not lately, eh? Although extremely well kept, the building looked abandoned. Like -- maybe the last time somebody worked here, Truman was President...

I was thinking the American Pickers would LOVE to get inside...

If a building could talk -- what story would it tell??

I wonder...


  1. I did a quick Google and it looks like this place is still in business. Yes, they grew/grow tobacco in Wisconsin. Very interesting!

  2. Hi Rita,

    I'm from Wisconsin and my relatives are farmers who still raise tobacco. Swing into to Stoughton sometime and you'll find more history. Missed you and Mary at Beaver Dam this year. Sorry.
    Joyce M.